Amateur Radio
Group of Castles

Amateur Radio
Group of Castles

was founded in 2005 by the proposal of three OM that at the same time founded the Award of the Swiss Castles (DCS-SSD).
The founders were Luciano HB9FBI, Maico HB9OAE (SK) and Augusto HB9TZA and they proposed to bring this activity also in Switzerland so as to make known the Swiss castles, their attractions and tourist potential, and to enhance the historical and architectural heritage in the context of the history of Europe within the amateur radio and to promote the activation with portable stations. In 2009, when the International Award program World Castles Award (WCA) was born, our group also unified.
Since January 2024 the castles of Liechtenstein have also been in our Award


Award of
Swiss and Liechtenstein

At the same time, the Swiss Amateur Radio Group of Castles was born the Award of Swiss Castles (DCS-SSD) project that wants to recognize with diplomas the stations that connect the activations on castles. The DCS-SSD is the only one entrusted to the certification of references and diplomas and is composed of two OM that are the managers and a technical manager who takes care of the management of the referenze and contacts with WCA. With a great effort of research the project expanded to have almost a thousand references that identify with Castle but make references to the fortifications that in the DCS diploma are catalogued with Castle, Fortress, Tower, Bastion, City’ or Walled Village, walls, bastioned citadel, fortress, fort, fortified gate (maximum one per village), fortified palace, fortified building or residence, residence of the landfogti, bailiffs and local governors, and anything else related to the fortified architecture born and built for defensive and military needs by 1945.


World Castles Award

Since 2023 a group of radio amateurs joins with the intent to increase the activations by proposing an indicative, HB9WCA, that was immediately recognizable with the international diploma World Castles Award (WCA) which is available to any OM who requests it and at the same time establishing a challenge between the activators and an award for hunters who connect the Swiss stations that are activating a reference of the Award of Swiss Castles (DCS-SSD).

hunters and activators

We recompense all participants with diplomas to participate and a recognition of merit for the first classified in their respective categories.

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