who we are

The Swiss Amateur Radio Group of Castles has as members the Promoters of the activity who take charge of the various tasks that are defined in the roles:

Responsible to the Federal Office of Communications and Call HB9WCA (acting as President)
Technical contact (acting for Vice President).
Promoter of external activities and relations (acting as committee member).
Award manager DCS applications
The Swiss Amateur Radio Group of Castles aims to promote this activity and every interested person is welcomed into the team.
No membership fee is required

The Promoters appoint as Honorary Promoters radio amateurs or associations of the amateur radio world that have distinguished themselves in promoting the activities on the diplomas of the Swiss Castles or that support their activities.

HB9FBI – Luciano Lucini - Award manager for DCS.

1986 IW2DRF, 1991 IK2QPO and 1995 HB9FBI. From 2000 check point for Switzerland the DCI diploma of Italian castles. In 2005 he founded with other radio amateurs the DCS. In 2017 he moved to Austria and got the indicative OE3LLQ. In Austria he runs OEFF, a diploma of the Austrian parks. For ARI national manager of the Mediterranean Certificate and the Top-list Diploma.

IUØFBK - Marco

In 1969 he approached radio with the first activities in CB to get the call IWØHDD and later IUØFBK. Active mainly as a mobile or portable station, it builds and experiments antennas obtaining excellent results. Professionally active in other fields he enjoys successfully programming. In his website he manages several amateur radio diplomas. For DCS and HB9WCA he deals with hunter rankings, qsl sending and HB9WCA diplomas by email.


The AFVL Association, founded in 1986, follows the activities in the principality. Since December 2023 he has been collaborating with the Swiss Amateur Radio Group of Castles, which officially entered the DCS list on 1 January
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