HB9WCA / Activators

Team World Castles Award Switzerlan

Mission of the team.
To support and promote amateur radio operator in activities related to castle diplomas.
To apply for and maintain the HB9WCA indicative dedicated to the activities.

The use of the HB9WCA indicative is delegated only to the Promoters of the same or to associations that promote the purposes of HB9WCA. These undertake, with the honor that distinguishes the amateur radio operator, to comply with:
-IARU prescriptions and recommendations.
-the regulations of national bodies governing amateur radio licensing.
-the regulations of national castelli diplomas.
-gulations of international castelli diplomas.

Use of the indicative HB9WCA
-Release: the indicative is used solely and exclusively for the purposes of HB9WCA. Release is agreed in advance with and between the Responsible Persons (ART.11 b).
-Request: the request must come electronically to a manager who will forward it to the Managers for collegial approval.
-Terms: the authorization is valid for one activity only and must comply with the rules of international regulations and the World Castles Award.
-Duration: the request must make explicit the date and times scheduled for the activity.
-Responsibilities: the applicant, in submitting the application, takes responsibility for the management of HB9WCA to the relevant authorities. All liability to third parties, agencies or authorities and of the applicant. HB9WCA discharges itself of all liability.
-Obligations: the user agrees to provide in the shortest time the call log in ADIF format and photos of the manor proving its activation and identifying it.

Why activities on castles?

We have participated in many activations on many diplomas but this activity allows you to carry out the activations in an interesting context where the aspect of the portable activity brings you closer to interesting cultural and architectural contexts. Last but not least, the activities within a radius of one kilometer allow you to move around even by car, making the activity interesting for all ages.

Radio setup

Radio equipment for these activations does not need to be complicated or expensive. It is not neccesary to have expensive radios or antennas with large power outputs to make reliable connections and have an enjoyable time with your radio. Just as with emergency communications in the field, all that is required to activate Swiss Castle references is a radio, a simple wire antenna and some kind of battery power.

Why are we doing this?

In addition to experimenting with the best solutions for portable activities we also have the pleasure and fun of doing radio. Activities not usual, far from home support, but also the pleasure of sharing activities with colleagues who want to have fun by entertaining those who "hunt" from home. It is a pleasure to find colleagues waiting for the new activation.

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